Concept #1

In the first collaboration the focus in on traditional crafts including knitting which pattern inspired the hand-crafted elements and artisan techniques. The gaining relevance in this project is the individuality of the domestic knitting, which explores the different textures in the details that are the key to give the designs an interesting quality. Through the communal domestic knitting diverse outcomes are brought together through patchwork and handicraft. The second approach of this project is interpreting narrative into a garment. The reused yarns celebrate the diversity of their artisan look and texture as well as material Variety.



Concept #2

The second project draws inspiration from the collaboration with the watchmaker and the repair service attached to the product. This collaboration transferred the concept of disassembling and surface manipulation to fashion. The idea is to transform details with new finishes and explore re purposing garments. The focus on sustainability demands responsibly sourced materials which are in this case reclaimed textile. Textural and crafts surface are applied to classical shapes to get a new interpretation of the utility look and relaxed tailoring. Up-cycled vintage pieces work with a sustainable focus, adding panels to create a contrast that will appeal timeless and elegant.


Concept #3

The third project collaborates with artists to build a message about sustainability communicated through garments. Prints explore the bonding between work process and audience. Textural surfaces creating aesthetics that attracts conscious consumerism. The idea is to disrupt the digital with analogue and transform design with hand-rendered techniques. Again, in this mini collection smart alternatives are developed through recycling and crafts. Linear stripes, irregular spacing, contrast print panelling are integrated with the collage. Inspiration is drawn from the interview with the social media artist and the strength to communicate only visually.

Anna meets X


This collection is inspired by people and materials to shift the focus towards a more conscious fashion identity. The design process demands creativity of designer who are trained to focus on aesthetics. They have an essential role of decision-making to support a sustainable future. Collaborating across disciplines challenges designer to think beyond the design process. This collection is based on three collaborations discovering pathways that lead to garments with value and quality. Those individual concepts, joint together, celebrate materials and craftsmanship.


The idea of ANNA MEETS X shows the nature of fashion is to interact with each other to worship what is surrounding us.



2017 : ASK ME I Menswear I Womenswear



In this project I reused details of the old men suits and reworked them in my own design.

I reused elements like the collar.

I discovered elements like hand stitched details and horse-hair-lining.

I used the fabric in stripes for macramee.

"ASK ME" is a fashion collection using sustainable materials and upcycling of men suits to mix art and function in fashion. “Reusing and Reinvent” meets “Upcycling” 

As a designer, I wanted to bring two keywords that are important for me and my generation through fashion together because fashion connects. Narcissism and Sustainability have at first nothing in common but through points like attentiveness and versatility you see there is a common ground. Surrealistic photographs of Salvador Dali and Philippe Halsman inspired the fashion collection visually through collages and sketches. Deconstruction of the suits and Draping shaped new silhouettes. To bring function within the new styles some sleeves are detachable through hidden snap fastener.

“ASK ME” is a timeless collection for men and womenswear and a big role plays the surface design. The collection is mainly in dark colours or natural shades. The beige and grey tones are inspired by the meaning of recycling and the time as a natural tool changing colours.

The fashion collection mixes different techniques like macramé, print, stitching and 3D applications. Elegant and classical shapes like a blazer or coat is mixed with sportswear elements. Craftsmanship and the important of small details is a huge value and is a focus in the collection. Old men suits are reused in different kind of ways: The fabric is recycled through macramé technique – the woven patches are used as applications. The horsehair lining of the suits is reused for corset – the special details and shoulder patches inspired the 3D-applications. Surface design plays an important role. The used materials are natural fibres like hemp, ramie, linen and innovative material like Tencel or viscose.




The sustainable aspect plays a big role in the collection. Taking care of your clothes is more important than ever. Even old and well-worn clothing’s can be reused and create something new.  It is no waste – it can be still a part of the circular clothing loop.  WE (A)RE – RE RE RE shows the appreciation and durability of the denim material. Sustainable fashion and rethinking common ways reveals exciting and new things in fashion.


Inpired by "The Big Gatsby". Collection working with diverse fabric manipulation: gold leaf on fake fur I print